Specialty Paint and Stain Finish Samples

Stain and Paint samples for Vacation home

Painted finishes with glazes fogged over, painted finishes that are rubbed through to stain beneath, lacquer finishes for tabletops, a flat catalyzed lacquer for the reclaimed wood and different levels of distressing Рall required samples to get the perfect effect and work with other elements in each area of this mountain home.  Communication of the desired effect can only happen with a painter that is also a craftsman. Chet Baker is the expert that I depend on for this type of work, and the cabinetmaker, David Kuznitz, was happy to know that his creation was in such capable hands.

After the clients saw the samples and made a few choices, a paint booth was set up in the gameroom of the house.  All of the cabinet doors are set up on racks and are being distressed, stained and/or painted.

All of the bathroom cabinetry will be finished first, as it is desirable to have the cabinetry  stained before any nearby tile is installed, so that the cabinetry is protected from the grout.

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